Delivery Driver Crashes Four Ferraris After ‘Falling Asleep At Wheel’ (See Photos)

Delivery Driver Crashes Four Ferraris

Delivery Driver Crashes Four Ferraris

Delivery Driver Crashes Four Ferraris, A young driver has landed himself into huge inconvenience in the wake of colliding with four parked Ferraris while working as a conveyance driver in the New Taipei City in Northern Taiwan.

As indicated by The Sun Uk, the 20-year-old recognized just as Lin supposedly slept off at the worst possible time while conveying joss paper for his single mum’s business, causing over £500,000 worth of damages.

He asserted he was too worn out to be in any way in the driver’s seat when he collided with three Ferrari 488s and a Ferrari F12 worth a consolidated £1.3milllion.

Lin who is from a poor background had guaranteed to pay what he could, and vowing to “assume liability” for his action with the assessed fix bill settled at £520,000.

It was also revealed by the publication that the New Taipei’s Department of Social Welfare have already gathered some 830 donations, totaling £135,000, to assist with covering the cost of the damage.

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