Can You Quit All Social Media Platforms To Save Your Relationship?

Can You Quit All Social Media Platforms

Can You Quit All Social Media Platforms, Love is magical. Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the truest type of love

One of the things that define love is sacrificing things for another person and frequently prioritizing the other person’s needs over yours, while a person may feel as though their love for another person is the thing that brings them the most happiness.

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Ever seen the baddest heart player fall in love with someone they only want to have sex or get cash from?

Have you ever seen someone change their religion or turn to a real believer just to get the attention of who they feel is the best person they can love? (Some are real and some are not tho!)

You might think you are a hard guy or a hard girl and wonder if you could ever fall in love to the extent of sacrificing what you think is your biggest addiction. The good news is that you can make unimaginable sacrifices too.

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Yes, you! don’t form to be a hard guy.

Let’s imagine you finally get the attention of your all-day crush, and she gives you a condition before you can get her to dance to your tune.

NOTE:-    You Can Still Go Back To It If You And The Girl Agree On The Terms.

The condition is this ?

Can You Quit All Social Media Platforms To Save Your Relationship?