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Friday, 2 November 2018

4 Backyard Items You Can Use As Weights For Workouts

Head outside and take a look around your backyard. You might be surrounded by a few familiar objects that can help you get your workout in. Perhaps you haven’t used a few of them in quite some time. You know, like that old bag of charcoal hiding behind your braai?
The truth is, you don’t have to travel far or spend big bucks on fancy equipment to put your body to work. Sometimes, all the tools you need are right outside your door. Take a look at some of the everyday objects we’ve selected.

A Bag Of Charcoal (7,5 Kilograms)

Let’s be honest, that braai of yours probably hasn’t seen any braaing action since last summer. The next time you’re looking to get your fire started, reconsider what you can do with that bag of charcoal.
Think about it. You can flip boerie with one hand and do a couple lifts with the other. Caution advised.

A Spare Tyre (4 Kilograms)

If you’re lucky, your car hasn’t given you much trouble as of yet and your tyres are in working condition. While you may not have to whip out your tyre-changing abilities just yet, you can put a twist on a regular ball slam routine, with the spare sitting in your garage.

A Bag Of Sand (23 Kilograms)

Bags of sand are sometimes used as weight, which means they’re perfect for working out. Try putting your core strength to the test by doing some bear hug squats.

A 19 Litre Bucket Of Soil (20 Kilograms)

That old bucket of dirt in your backyard can do more than provide a home for some plants, it can also be great for taking arm exercises to the next level. Try doing some swings with it in the same way you would with a kettlebell.


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