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Friday, 21 September 2018

If you suffer from migraines, these 6 foods may be triggering them

Many factors can cause migraines, such as medications, hormonal changes or lack of sleep. The exact cause of this special type of a headache is not fully proven: doctors agree that some small changes in brain activity, which affect blood vessels and nerve signals, can bring them.

Eat to avoid migraines
The diet, although it does not seem, plays an important role. Avoid skipping meals and eating more can be solutions that prevent migraines. But it is also recommended to pay attention to what foods are being consumed. According to WebMD, brain responses to certain types of meals vary from person to person; It is still advisable to try to leave certain foods, such as the following:

1. Caffeine
Some caffeine can help relieve headaches, says Noah Rosen, a New York headache center doctor, to Everyday Health. Both excess caffeine and lack of it can cause migraines, in an organism that has become dependent on the substance. If you have the habit of drinking a lot of coffee or energy drinks, try to moderate yourself. Attention: this component also comes in the form of soft drinks or chocolate bars.

2. Alcohol
At the moment you can give a feeling of lightness, but the hangovers can be devastating. It has been suspected that red wine is more likely to cause headaches due to the presence of tannins, but, according to Rosen, it is not a greater cause of migraines than the rest of alcoholic beverages. Some alcoholic beverages will cause pain in some people, although others will not. You have to take into account the individual factor when talking about migraines.

3. Citrus fruits
Not only citrus, but also other highly acidic foods can cause gastrointestinal irritation, and, hence, migraines, according to the specialist.

4. Cheese
Apart from the fact that consuming foods rich in salt can dehydrate you, the cheese is rich in tyramine, a substance that is formed in foods rich in protein, and increases its levels as food becomes stale. This substance is known to cause migraines, and can also be found in quantity in some processed meats such as salami. Avoid cheeses with more ripening time.

5. Additives
Monosodium glutamate, a special salt found in several foods (especially Chinese food, flavors and sauces), can cause a migraine because it is an excitatory neurotransmitter.

It has not been proven why, but it is known that aspartame, a sweetener 150 times sweeter than sugar, also causes these pains. It can be found in diet soft drinks.

6. Spicy food (chiles)
This type of food reacts with some brain pain receptors, lowering the limit that triggers a migraine, says Thomas Berk, a headache neurologist, for Everyday Health.

How to detect which foods trigger them
If you suspect that your migraines are caused by what you eat, try to start a diary in which you write down what you have eaten and if you have felt pain: this will help your doctor to deduce the foods that you should avoid.


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