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Friday, 15 June 2018

Your brain will be much happier if you exercise: why is it so beneficial?

There are more and more studies that confirm the importance of exercise in our physical and mental health. One of the best known benefits of physical activity is associated with the cardiovascular system, but did you know that it also benefits brain health?

Physical activity improves brain health A group of researchers at the University of Miami studied 100 studies that linked exercise with brain function. In a study that included more than 11 thousand elderly people, it was observed that people who did 52 hours of exercise during a period of approximately six months showed a better performance in several tests of thought and agility.

On average, people exercised for about an hour, three times a week. The effect was studied both in people without cognitive impairment and in those who had a slight deterioration or dementia.

This result supports the idea that the general and cumulative effect of physical activity is what matters the most for brain health. He also points out that exercise affects the brain in different ways, from preserving the neural network - which begins to diminish with age - to increasing neuronal function and improving the blood flow of brain cells.

The study included different types of exercise : aerobic, weight training and activities that work the body and mind at the same time as tai chi. While it ensures that exercise is very good for brain functions, it concludes that you should know more about what types of exercise could have the greatest benefit to the brain, as well as the ideal amount of time.

In the exercise could be the key to avoid cognitive deterioration and more serious degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's or dementia. New studies will provide more accurate data on the relationship between brain health and physical activity.


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