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Friday, 15 June 2018

Immobilizing the affected part is important in the face of a homemade spider bite

During this change of season, the risk of home spider bite increases. Specialists comment on how to act in front of a bite.

The warm clothing and blankets that have been kept for months in the closet or closet are a good refuge for home spiders; when removed by the change of season, the risk of biting increases.

The Infectologist doctor of the National Institute of Health ( INS ) of the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ), Fernando Donaires , warned about the danger of the bite of this spider and recommended to go immediately to the nearest health facility, in order to receive the treatment necessary.

The specialist indicated that in case of bite, the affected part should be immobilized because the more it moves, the toxin will run through the body. Do not handle or suck the poison, or put any liquid on the bite. It is recommended to wash only with soap and water.

The Ministry of Health, through the National Institute of Health, produces monovalent antiloxoscelic serum in an injectable solution, an antidote to spider bites. This serum is available in all hospitals of the Ministry of Health available to the affected population.

The symptoms in the first hour after the bite are pain and inflammation in the area; As the hours pass, the pain increases and the injured skin may turn violaceous with small blisters. In some cases there is discomfort, fever, skin rash (such as allergy or intoxication), headache and nausea.

The poison is complex and there are people who can have reactions that affect different organs, such as kidneys and later could produce death due to acute renal failure and multi-organ failure. The toxin could be more aggressive in children and older adults because they have the most vulnerable immune system. In case of bite they must be immediately transferred to the hospital.

To prevent these accidents it is recommended to shake clothes and blankets and check the shoes before using them; clean the house thoroughly, every two months, using thick gloves and feather dusters to clean under the furniture and beds, behind the curtains, paintings, wardrobes, books, newspaper deposits, among other dark and warm places where these spiders hide . Also, you should avoid storing books and boxes.


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