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Friday, 15 June 2018

Do you leave the lid open when you go down to the bathroom? After reading this you will not do it again

Many of us have made this mistake, but it is very important that we stop doing it for health reasons. Never go back to the bathroom with the lid open!

Just as you do not know how many stars there are in the sky, you also have no idea how many bacteria are in the toilet bowl. According to a study published in the journalApplied Microbiology , many bacteria and viruses remain in the toilet water after you pull the lever. It does not matter if you do it more than once.

According to the research, organisms adhere to porcelain surfaces (such as the toilet) regardless of whether there is water discharge or not. In addition, it was discovered that chlorine was absent in water or that it contained very small amounts of the element because it is rapidly lost in the atmosphere.

That's why when you pull the lid off, the water can be sprayed out of the cup and spread.Another scientific article published in the American Journal of Infection Control explains this:

" Studies show that potentially infectious aerosols can be produced in substantial amounts during flushing. Aerosolization can continue through multiple washes and could expose subsequent users of the toilet. Some aerosols are dried to become and remain droplet nuclei drifting in the air currents " .

And although no study has been accurate on the transmission of diseases related to the toilet seat, the risk is unknown and it would be best to pull it when the lid is closed.


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