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Friday, 15 June 2018

Do not hold sneezes, this is what specialists say

Holding a sneeze is horrible, especially when you're tired of having a cold and you want it to disappear, but doctors recommend never do it because it could be harmful to health.

According to a report from Leicester University Hospitals in the United Kingdom , a man accidentally punctured his pharynx trying to contain a sneeze.

It sounds very strange, but it can happen to anyone at a bad time. The unfortunate man of 34 years was in good health before containing the sneeze, even was in form.

Immediately after containing it, the subject heard something broke in the back of his neck and began to feel swelling in the lateral parts of this. As he squeezed his nose so that the air did not come out, the sneeze had to find another outlet and caused an emphysema in the neck muscles.

The patient was hospitalized and had to be fed with a tube through the nose. The doctors left him under observation because there was the possibility of developing an internal infection and irritation in the lungs and trachea.

Although it seems incredible that a simple sneeze can cause so many problems, there is a logical explanation:

"The body mechanism is designed to suddenly increase intraluminal pressure against the vocal cords often closed after coughing, strong gagging or vomiting," the report said.

So the body is not prepared to sneeze with the mouth and nose covered. Therefore, respect your body and do not contain sneezing.


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