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Monday, 7 May 2018

Study reveals that stress makes you gain weight

A recent investigation by Stanford University came to this conclusion after discovering the effects of the "stress hormone".

In these times, stress is present in the lives of people for different reasons. According to a study by Stanford University , being in that state could, among other factors, trigger a considerable weight gain.

This is due to a hormone called glucocorticoid, which is generated when we are stressed and can cause weight gain when their levels increase in the body. That is the conclusion reached by chemists and biologists from Stanford .

Also, the study suggests new strategies to reduce weight gain, by controlling the timing of hormonal pulses. Glucocorticoid hormone levels rise and fall throughout the day and are regulated by circadian rhythms, but these levels lose their regulation because of stress.

"Our results suggest that even very stressed people (or treated for other causes with glucocorticoids) during the day do not gain weight. But if they experience continuous chronic stress, the loss of the normal circadian rhythms of this hormone translate into a significant weight gain, "explains Mary Teruel , the professor responsible for the research.

For this reason, specialists recommend leading a healthy life, having a balanced diet and exercising, to avoid chronic stress. Another way to avoid it is by removing negative thoughts and not falling into anxiety crises.


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