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Thursday, 15 March 2018

This is the amount of salt you should consume per day

According to a study revealed that the body should receive a minimum amount of salt a day, however, this can be altered according to the heart condition of each person.

Did you know that eating salt can be harmful to your health? It turns out that eating two teaspoons a day damages your heart, according to a study by Harvard University that was published on August 8, 2017 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology .

Experts claim that cardiac dysfunction is associated with consuming more than 3.7 grams a day of sodium. That is why they recommend a maximum of two grams a day, which means one teaspoon. Although, that figure is still a matter of discussion.

The study analyzed the relationship between ingesting sodium and the cardiac results of almost three thousand people who average 50 years of age and 54% suffer from hypertension. The results of this study confirmed that exceeding the amount of 3.7 grams per day contributes to adverse cardiac problems, to a worse systolic blood pressure and to a higher diastolic speed.

Although it should be noted that they also expressed that extrapolation is especially applicable for hypertensive patients: "The high sodium content in the diet may not cause myocardial stress and abnormal velocities;rather, it can be a marker for a high-risk patient with poor eating habits in general. "

They also expressed that, if a person does not have heart problems, their defenses will be alert to the consumption of this product. "The problem occurs when these mechanisms fail; then we must restrict the salt so as not to suffer these consequences ".

However, over time the problems may begin to occur "With age there is a physiological hardening of the arteries that causes blood pressure to rise and forces us to restrict salt to normalize blood pressure. If our pressure is more than 130 over 80, we should pay attention to it. "


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