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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Seven foods that will help you fight migraine

Do you have migraine problems? Then try to include these foods in your daily diet

You know it's close, you feel it and, from one moment to the next, everything explodes. Do you suffer from migraine? Well, if so, include certain foods in your daily diet can help reduce the terrible and intense headaches.

For example, a food that can reduce the effects of migraine is the kion, thanks to its desinflamantes properties. To relax, you can prepare a tea with this food.

Although there are foods able to prevent migraine, there are also others that could trigger it. Try to avoid chocolate and red wine, especially if you feel a crisis is coming.

Take a look at our gallery and discover what other foods can help you with the annoying migraine.

Pulses . The University of Queensland recommends them because they are an excellent source of protein and antioxidants. This food not only increases the body's defenses, but also has a calming effect through the reduction of blood pressure in the brain. The ideal is to consume three servings per week.

Palta . It contains healthy monounsaturated fat, which favors the brain and heart. This food will give you a feeling of calmness. According to the Huffington Post, your daily intake is favorable for controlling the symptoms of migraine. 

Cat 's claw . It helps to reduce inflammation and calm the headache thanks to its properties that strengthen the immune system. 

Kion . To relax you can prepare a tea with this food. The LiveStrong portal states that it helps reduce inflammations caused by migraine. 

Fish . Thanks to its Omega 3 and fatty acids, fish such as salmon or tuna can reduce sleep disorders and anxiety symptoms, capable of intensifying migraine.

Tomato . Rich in vitamin A, B, and C, this red fruit acts as a good natural analgesic.

Green leafy vegetables . Lettuce, spinach or cabbage are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidant compounds. It is recommended to consume them for its sedative and tranquilizing effects. The property is attributed to calm the nerves, relieve palpitations and control insomnia problems. 


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