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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Do you want to sleep well? Find out how food influences

For your dream to be of quality, look at the type of food you eat before going to bed.

A full night's rest does not only consist of sleeping an average of eight hours. Sometimes our rest is not adequate because we eat foods that keep us on alert or because we eat too late making digestion difficult.

The quality of sleep can also be altered by stress, insomnia (caused by emotional problems such as family conflicts and financial difficulties) or apnea (a condition in which breathing is interrupted or becomes very superficial while sleeping). neurologist Isabel Tagle. 
  • Cured cheeses, sausages and other sausages provide tyramine, an amino acid that regulates blood pressure and that, in certain people, produces a headache, explains Dr. Isabel Tagle.
  • Avoid very spicy and spicy food, especially at dinner, because it can cause upset stomach (indigestion or gastric reflux), which prevents sleep well, says Tania Alfaro, nutritionist at the International Clinic.
  • Some foods have a stimulating effect, like chocolate. Cocoa contains caffeine and theobromine (alkaloid), two substances that activate the nervous system, keeping you on alert, says neurologist Isabel Tagle.
  • Take half a cup of chamomile before going to sleep. It will help you fall asleep, because the flower of this plant has substances [apigenin, luteolin and bisabolol] with a tranquilizing effect, points out Dr. Isabel Tagle.
  • Dining very late is not a cause of nightmares, says neurologist Isabel Tagle. "Nightmares usually occur in the second half of the night, it can affect people of all ages, but they are usually more frequent in adulthood, and women are the most affected," she says. 
  • If you dine late, maybe for work reasons, opt for a light diet like a vegetable cream, so you'll sleep well, suggests nutritionist Tania Alfaro.
  • Dinner two hours before bedtime to facilitate digestion, because the body's metabolism is slower at night. Obvious red meats, French fries, lettuce and broccoli are difficult to assimilate, says nutritionist Tania Alfaro. 


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