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Thursday, 15 February 2018

What carbohydrates do you have to consume?

For some time now, the population has believed that all carbohydrates or carbohydrates are negative, because they attribute them to being the cause of their weight gain.

Therefore, it is fair to clarify that not all carbohydrates are harmful. What's more, consuming the right carbohydrates is an important and essential part of a balanced and healthy diet.

Types of carbohydrates
There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. The former are characterized by being easier to digest in the body. They are found in fruits - we recommend you consume 2 and ½ cups of fruits and vegetables daily - as well as in dairy products. Thus, they are also present in processed and refined foods, call sugar, pasta and white bread.

In contrast, so-called "complex" carbohydrates take longer to decompose in the body. You can find them in vegetables, whole grains, bread, brown rice and legumes.

Should you stop consuming totally carbohydrates?
It is not necessary to give up carbohydrates to have a healthy diet. On the contrary, what you have to make sure is to choose wisely. According to the American Cancer Society, processed and refined carbohydrates must be avoided in favor of complexes.

What carbohydrates should you consume?
Seek bread, cereals, rice, pasta and crackers that you buy to contain whole wheat flour.

Eat oatmeal, oatmeal, whole bran or whole wheat muffins, bagels or English muffins. So you'll start the day right, with foods rich in fiber.

Why do not you add bananas, berries or berries to your oatmeal? You can also try other fruits.

Always have dried fruits in the drawer of your desk. Place a bowl of fresh fruit on the counter in your kitchen. So when you are hungry you will eat healthy snacks quickly.
  • Prefers brown rice instead of white.
  • Add barley to your soups and stews.

May your refreshments be comprehensive. Some choices are whole wheat pita bread with hummus, whole wheat crackers with low-fat cheese, or whole-grain muffins.


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