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Thursday, 15 February 2018

These are the foods that will help you accelerate your metabolism

Accelerating metabolism helps you lose weight and have more energy. Here we tell you what foods contribute with it

Metabolism is a set of chemical processes capable of controlling the energy expenditure of the body. When these occur slowly, people tend to gain weight, so it is important to ensure its proper functioning with the help of certain foods.

A study from the University of Maastricht , in the Netherlands, revealed which foods are the most appropriate to accelerate our metabolism.Among them, the artichoke, the oats, the kion and the pepper stand out. In addition, there are other studies published by the Hispano- American Medical Association of California and the scientific journal Physiology & Behavior that coincide with these conclusions. But it is worth saying that no result will be evident if we do not do exercises.

Avena . It is an incredible source of creatine, proteins and glycogen. All these nutrients are concentrated in small pieces of dry seed that, according to the University of Maastricht , will accelerate your metabolism, stabilizing insulin levels.

Artichokes . According to the University of Maastricht , these vegetables contain inulin, a carbohydrate that reduces the amount of ghrelin - the hunger hormone - produced by the body. Thanks to this property, the body will focus its energy on burning calories. 

Nuts . These nuts contain several antioxidants, a good amount of Omega 3 and biotin. By eating them, according to a study published in the journalPhysiology & Behavior , you will give valuable nutrients to your body, which will allow your metabolism to stabilize and function to its full potential.

Peppers . The study of the University of Maastricht indicates that this food helps to accelerate the metabolism due to its high content of capsaicin, a compound that allows to reduce the amount of lipids and, in this way, to enhance the caloric expenditure.

Kion . According to the research, this condiment helps to increase the speed of the metabolism, since it reduces glucose sensitivity and, in addition, generates a feeling of satiety due to its antioxidants.

Broccoli . This food, according to the Hispano-American Medical Association of California, allows to reactivate the metabolism, thanks to its combination of calcium and vitamin C. In addition, it has been proven that eating broccoli regularly disinhibits the transmission of cancer genes.

Coffee . One cup of this drink allows you to accelerate up to 25% the metabolic rate or calorie burn.

Apple . According to the University of Maastricht, this fruit has the ability to help burn fat, which accelerates metabolism and maintain a healthy weight.

Palta . This food helps burn especially trans fats and compounds that damage your body, according to the Hispanic-American Medical Association of California.

Fish . Due to its high content of fatty acids and omega 3, this food reduces the levels of the hormone leptin, which, while remaining at low levels, accelerates the metabolic rate, according to the University of Maastricht.


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