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Thursday, 15 February 2018

How does vitamin C help fight cancer?

What is vitamin C?

It is a nutrient that humans can not elaborate. However, we can obtain it from foodstuffs - among them guava, camu camu, orange, parsley, among others - as well as food supplements.

It is also possible to achieve it through an intravenous infusion, through which much higher concentrations are reached than when ingested through the mouth.

How does vitamin C help prevent cancer?

Since the 70s, vitamin C has been studied as a treatment for cancer patients. In surveys conducted among health professionals in the United States, it was observed that high doses of vitamin C IV are administered in the treatment of different types of cancers, such as skin and breast cancer.

What do the laboratory studies say?

In order to determine if high doses of vitamin C are capable of killing cancer cells, many laboratory studies have been carried out (that is, not with patients but in cells of these types of cancer, which are studied in controlled environments). the laboratories).

The journal Nature published an article this year in which it detailed that the vitamin C studied in the laboratory, and with mice, would have a positive impact against the progression of leukemia.

In animals there are studies that show that vitamin C is favorable, but there are also others that consider that it could interfere with some chemotherapies, so you should always consult your doctor before swallowing it.


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