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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Blue fish are important allies to prevent cancer

On World Cancer Day, specialists suggest the consumption of fatty acids and foods rich in Omega 3 to strengthen the immune system.

Healthy eating is one of the pillars to combat chronic diseases such as cancer. If you wonder what foods can serve as tools to fight against this disease, specialists seem to have the answer. The consumption of blue fish, such as mackerel, bonito or horse mackerel, rich in Omega 3 is one of them. 

Lorena Romero, nutritionist of the National Society of Fisheries (SNP) said that becoming aware of the need to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes good nutrition and preventive regulatory checks, is essential. The specialist explained that Omega 3 fatty acids, present in species such as mackerel, bonito or jack mackerel, play an important role in reducing inflammation, a basic characteristic of diseases such as cancer.

"In addition, Omega 3 strengthen the immune system, help regulate hormones and improve the nervous system," he said.

Frequent consumption Including these products in our weekly diet is beneficial, especially if you have tools to fight against the disease. A study published in 2015 has shown that consumption of Omega 3 helps reduce the risk of endometrial cancer by 15 to 20% in women of normal weight. In addition, another study published this year has shown that Omega 3 fatty acids, especially those from fish, reduce the possibility of developing breast cancer. 

"Blue fish, such as bonito, mackerel and horse mackerel, are the ones with the highest amounts of omegas 3. Therefore, consuming these fish, at least twice a week, will help reduce the risk of developing cancer," he said.Romero .

Lorena Romero recommended that, to get the most out of their nutrients, it is important to prepare the fish properly: parboiled, steamed, baked, ceviche and stews without oil. "Avoid frying them so they do not lose their benefits," he noted.


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