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Thursday, 15 February 2018

9 "emergency foods" that are able to deflate your body in 24 hours

Although you may think that if you feel bloated and with a full stomach, you should reduce your fluid intake, it is exactly the opposite. At those times, you need to ingest more water and juice, as well as water-rich ingredients that will help you release the fluids retained in your body.

If you feel dehydrated or follow a diet rich in salt, the best way for your body to defend itself immediately from bloating is by ingesting the following ingredients.

1. Foods with fibers
Those of the soluble type are essential to end the swelling of the belly because they favor digestion. Oats and granola are examples of foods full of allied fiber in the diet.

2. Fruits with a high water content
Rich in water and functional nutrients, they contribute to lymphatic drainage and also defuse the body. Among the good options are melon, grapes, strawberries, lemon, pineapple, watermelon, guava and red fruits.

3. Asparagus
Prioritize eating cooked asparagus. They have certain components that act like probiotics and that promote good digestion.

4. Lean proteins
Salmon is a healthy and light protein option, which does not cause swelling, or cause gas. Other options for lean protein include cod or chicken breast.

5. Artichoke
The artichoke has a high fiber content and properties that calm the stomach, making it the perfect choice for the days when you need to reduce swelling.

6. Escarole or herbs
Escarole is a diuretic, so it helps eliminate excess body fluid, in addition to having detoxifying powers. Another alternative is fennel, which also helps digestion.

7. Hibiscus tea
The infusion has a digestive action that regulates the intestine, which facilitates the processing of carbohydrates and fats, and reduces swelling of the abdomen. 

8. Lemon juice with mint
The mixture of lemon with mint helps to deflate the body, is a diuretic that cleanses the body and promotes healthy weight loss.

9. Watermelon juice with lemon
You only need four ingredients: watermelon, cucumber, celery and lemon.Watermelon is a great natural diuretic that contains 92% water. Celery is another natural diuretic that will also help you release the gases you have in the system.


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