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Friday, 15 June 2018

Potatoes can prevent cancer, constipation and memory loss (and have more benefits)

Try not to think about potato chips and think of potatoes as a vegetable. The potato, according to Health, is an extremely important vegetable in nutritional terms and is very healthy.

Fiber, vitamin B, vitamin C, folic acid and other nutrients: that's how nutritious the potato is. But what benefits can you give?

Weight control
The potato can serve two purposes. The first: weight gain. Following a diet recommended by a doctor, the potato can help you gain weight if you need it. But, at the same time, the potato can help you control satiety and appetite, so it will allow you not to overeat and lose weight (if that is your goal).

Losing or gaining weight? It depends on how you consume it and how often.

Reduce inflammation
This food is very effective in combating the inflammation of the digestive system.

Prevent cancer
The potatoes have quercetin, a compound with anticancer properties that can fight possible cancers, explains Organic Facts, according to research published in Agricultural Research.

Prevent heart disease
The carotenoids present in potatoes help the heart and greatly improve their health.However, you must control your consumption to not raise the blood glucose level.

Improve digestion
Potatoes help prevent constipation, according to Medical News Today. If you have difficulty moving your bowels, eating potatoes will help.

And the memory
Potatoes are very important for the health of your brain. Thanks to nutrients, the brain can maintain the level of cognitive activity and also enhance the quality of memory.

A benefit for your beauty
The potato has many antioxidants which can help the beauty and health of your skin. But, in addition, your other vitamins will allow you from fighting acne to smooth wrinkles.

In addition, according to Organic Facts, with the water you clean the potatoes you can reduce and soften the spots and texture of the elbows.


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