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Thursday, 15 February 2018

These are the foods that will make you feel satisfied longer

There are some foods, like oats, and some fruits that make us feel full quickly. While others, like white rice and cookies, make us even more eager to continue eating. Well, a study has revealed which are those that make us feel more satisfied and that in turn give us all their energy. 

Satiety levels

A group of researchers from the University of Sydney compared different types of foods to obtain a satiety index. This satiety index is measured according to how full the person feels after consuming 240 calories of a food and how long it takes to feel hungry again.

The glycemic index that marks the amount of blood sugar was also taken into account. It was incorporated into the research because some foods generate peaks of sugar while others maintain stable levels.

The results

According to the study, bread made with refined flours is one of the foods that produces less satiety. It was also shown that bakery products such as buns, cakes and biscuits produce a very low satiety ratio compared to fruits.

However, it was observed that some fruits, such as bananas, provide nutrients but produce the same peak of sugar (and the consequent abrupt decrease) than industrial crackers and potato chips. On the other hand, the theory that whole pastas generate greater satiety than those made with refined flours reaffirmed.

Snacks are key

Many nutritionists recommend eating snacks between meals so as not to arrive at lunch or dinner with too much hunger (and overeating). With the data collected in this research, the authors of the study also consider it a key to opt for the appropriate snacks. For example, consume oranges or apples instead of bananas or eat eggs or whole grains instead of eating sugary cereals.

It is very interesting to take into account these data, especially if we seek to have balanced our blood sugar levels and, therefore, not to experience sudden drops or peaks of energy. They are also useful to know how to recognize those foods that suddenly do not provide satiety in order to change them for others. 


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