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Friday, 2 February 2018

The deficiency of this mineral makes you gain weight

We know on the Internet, in the newspapers and from what we hear on television and on the radio that salt, if consumed excessively, can cause high blood pressure problems that in turn can lead to cardiac disorders. 

However, sometimes little is said about salt as an essential mineral that is responsible for performing many vital functions for the organism. As we lose a large amount due to sweat and urine, it is necessary to incorporate it, in a moderate way, to the meals. And that's not all, His deficiency also prevents you from losing weight and being online. Do you want to know why? Keep reading!

What happens in the body without the amount of salt needed per day?
When the amount of salt in the body is depleted, the brain seeks to replace it with another type of food. Usually, we lean towards things with sugar which ultimately leads to weight gain. 

Why does this happen? Because the salt, in addition to highlighting the taste of the meals, takes away the bitter essence and even, and although it seems strange, it gives them a certain sweetness that the brain is waiting for. 

This means that a diet low in salt may predispose to a greater consumption of refined foods. As the human body needs 3,000 to 4,000 milligrams of sodium every day to function properly, by decreasing its consumption, the brain encourages people to consume refined foods that contain more calories than normal. That is to say that we can increase, without realizing it, the consumption of flours and sugar. 

Finally, something that not all people have in mind but should know is that the intake of so-called salt-free foods is counterproductive if the idea is to lose weight.Generally, in the supermarket shelves, there is a section of low sodium foods.

This type of meals without salt or low in sodium causes us to eat excessively because the body did not receive the necessary amount of minerals and seeks to balance the numbers. This means that instead of, for example, consuming a single serving, we will eat two or three, which causes a large increase in the calories consumed. 

Now you know, consuming salt in the right amount, that is 5 grams a day, is what your body needs to not get fat. This way you will take care of your health and your silhouette at the same time. 


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