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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Skin care Cellulite: Learn about 5 ways to deal with it

Did you know that the adoption of a healthy lifestyle has a decided impact on cellulite?

Cellulite appears in body areas such as the abdomen, hips, buttocks and thighs, with a high concentration of fat cells or adipocytes, which is a common aesthetic problem in women. 

For some reason not clarified, these adiposites increase in size - explains the dermatologist Betty Sandoval - and exert pressure on the blood vessels, hindering the circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid (which collects waste substances from the body). The result: the skin takes a rough look, typical of the well-known orange peel skin.

This condition of the skin may worsen or worsen due to hormonal changes (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause), family history, sedentary lifestyle and diet rich in fats, sugars and salt. How to prevent and control this problem? Here we tell you

Consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C (citrus, broccoli, pepper) and vitamin E (corn, nuts, olives), because, as antioxidants, reduce the effects of free radicals, which accelerate cell aging and inflammation of the body, conditions that contribute to accentuate cellulite, explains nutritionist Erica Lazo .

Cellulite is a problem that affects most women. Do you want to know how you can prevent or control it once it appears in any area of ​​the body? Take note of the following tips and show off your legs with total freedom.

Laser equipment, radiofrequency, ultracavitation, shock waves, mesotherapy, among other techniques, are used to achieve an improvement. Five to 10 sessions are required, and maintenance therapies every two months, says dermatologist José Luis Ballesteros .

Go to the dermatologist to know the type of cellulite that you present.When the appearance of orange peel is noticeable, the doctor will prescribe, if necessary, a master cream preparation, made with extract of gotu kola, ginkgo biloba or hedera helix, detailed Dr. José Luis Ballesteros.

The preparations (creams) to treat cellulite are for personal use and work while they are used. Apply them with gentle massage for at least three months to see improvement, suggests Dr. José Luis Ballesteros . 

Trot, swim or ride a bicycle. All aerobic activity practiced regularly favors the reduction of body fat. Exercising five times a week (half an hour per day) for six months results in an improvement in the appearance of skin with cellulite, notes the dermatologist Betty Sandoval . 


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