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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Organic fats: which are the most nutritious and healthy?

Fat is not always synonymous with damage to health and weight gain. There are also foods that contain it and that are nutritious and healthy. Here we tell you what they are and how they can help your well-being.


According to a study by the Department of Health Sciences of the University of Jaén, the triterpenes that olives have could form a natural defense against breast cancer.1

Likewise, in a 2016 study, researchers from the universities of Granada, Barcelona and Jaén demonstrated that maslinic acid - a natural triterpene present in high concentrations in the waxy layer of the skin and the fruit of the olives - is quickly effective in the CaCo-2 colon adenocarcinoma cells deficient of the p53 tumor suppressor gene, demonstrating once again the anticancer properties of the olive.2


Although this food has a high fat content, the truth is that 72% of this amount is monounsaturated, which increases the levels of HDL cholesterol, also known as good cholesterol. Eating this type of fat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Likewise, avocado has lipid-lowering effects (which decrease blood lipid levels), antihypertensive, antidiabetic, anti-obesity and antiatherosclerotic, according to research published in the journal Phytotherapy Research.3


According to scientists at the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania (USA), among all hard-shelled nuts, nuts contain a combination of antioxidants greater in number and quality than others.4

Also, you should not think that by containing fat and calories the nuts get fat and hurt. Actually, these nuts contain polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, which are considered good.


This milk contains very useful proteins for humans and is easier to digest than milk. Among its properties, it can be said that it is a good source of vitamins A and B, in addition to offering considerable amounts of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

Also, it is currently being studied whether yogurt can be favorable to regulate the mind. This is because the intestinal microbiota modulates the production of serotonin, a powerful neurotransmitter related to the sensation of pain, the maintenance of good mood and cognitive function.


It gives us vitamin D, which helps absorb the calcium needed for bones, and vitamin B, which collects energy from food. Likewise, according to the National Library of Medicine of the United States, it offers selenium.

It is also vital to reduce the risks of heart disease and stroke, according to a study by the Scientific Committee of Nutrition of the United Kingdom.5

Introduce these foods in your daily diet. You will see how you will not only enjoy its good taste, but you will also feel its great benefits in your health.


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