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Thursday, 15 February 2018

How to take your sleep in the office on hot days

Fatigue from heat is one of the most common causes of drowsiness during your workday. Hydration is the key to avoid it.

What is worse than feeling very sleepy at work and not being able to fulfill your functions 100%? This summer, heat is one of the causes of drowsiness at any time of day.

Dehydration caused by heat (sweating, exerting physical efforts in some jobs, etc.) generates additional fatigue in the body. Therefore, the main advice is always to have a bottle of water on the side to keep hydrated and give strength to your body to continue with your tasks.

The high temperatures in the office produce extra wear and dehydration, especially in environments with little ventilation or lack of air conditioning.To have more energy and resist this situation, you can include fruits rich in water and vitamins in your diet. For example, watermelons, oranges, apples and melons.

Also, follow these simple recommendations to avoid drowsiness at all times.

Prioritize your quality of sleep. Sleep 8 hours a day, move electronic devices away from your bed and keep your room ventilated.

Eliminate toxins from your body as soon as the day begins. To do this, take a glass of water with lemon juice after getting up. That will allow you to have greater vitality.

When you bathe, do it with cold water , which will allow you to improve the circulation of your blood and relax your muscles. It is the best way to start your workday and maintain your predisposition.

Drink coffee only in small quantities. Coffee can help you stay awake, but drinking too much is harmful to your health. Instead, you can ingest natural stimulants such as apple, which contains fructose and will keep you energized.

Keep in mind that if tiredness and fatigue do not stop, it is best to consult a specialist in a medical center. You may need a specific diet according to your lifestyle, in addition to other important recommendations. Your health comes first.


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