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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Carrot detox juice helps control cholesterol and decreases liver fat

A simple and delicious recipe of orange, pineapple and carrot juice can be the weapon to fight bad cholesterol. 

In addition, this juice detox is seasoned with some leaves of parsley, which help the liver to eliminate excess bile and fat, thus reducing the level of bad cholesterol. Bile is a substance produced in the liver and released into the intestine to isolate fat and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. Look how to prepare the drink:

Anti-cholesterol juice recipe
1 carrot
½ bunch of parsley
juice of 4 oranges
2 pineapple slices
In a blender, mix the ingredients and serve with ice.

Benefits of the ingredients
This vegetable has a purifying and tonic effect on the liver. Reduces cholesterol levels because soluble fibers are associated with bile acids. It also contains potassium, which helps control cholesterol because it is responsible for the exchange of intracellular fluids. In the same way, potassium is another ally of the liver since it decreases the circulation of fat, as well as the production of bile.

Parsley favors liver activities and reduces liver congestion because, in addition to being a diuretic, it thins the blood. Some chemical components of the parsley act in the circulation and prevent the formation of thrombi, clots that can clog the vessels and cause effusions. With more fluid blood, the load on the liver also decreases.

The consumption of orange juice is able to reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 19%, bad cholesterol and blood pressure, which prevents cardiovascular problems. In addition, orange juice prevents problems of digestion, abdominal distension and fermentation of food when the liver is overloaded or with its metabolism compromised.

Pineapple or pineapple
Thanks to its antioxidant characteristics, citrus fruits, in general, favor the cleansing of the liver. The pineapple also contains an enzyme called bromelain that helps the digestion of proteins and fats, along with contributing to the reduction of inflammation of the arteries and liver caused by digestion problems.


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