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Friday, 2 February 2018

7 foods that you always eat and cause bad breath (they are not garlic or onions)

Nobody likes to have bad breath. Although we can all show some halitosis in the morning, it is very uncomfortable to spend the rest of the day with that stench. The bad smell is unpleasant for us and for those around us.

In addition to hygiene habits, eating has a lot to do with the aroma of our mouth.Apart from the garlic and onion, know which ingredients cause bad breath, so they do not surprise you and run to brush your teeth after eating them.

1 Broccoli
It contains a large amount of sulfur, an element that is released into our bloodstream after digesting this food. As our body can not break down sulfur, its odor remains in fluids like saliva. Drink plenty of water and wash your mouth twice, it helps to end the problem.

2 Dairy products
Milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream ... all these foods contain lactose protein, which causes amino acids to accumulate in the tongue and teeth. In turn, bacteria in the mouth convert these amino acids into sulfuric elements, which are responsible for bad breath.

3 Pulses
In addition to causing gases, legumes can also give rise to bad odor in the mouth.This is because they contain oligosaccharides such as raffinose, stachyose and verbascose, which can not be metabolized by the stomach or the intestine. Once they decompose and ferment, they have a very characteristic (unpleasant) aroma.

4 Coffee
Coffee by itself does not cause halitosis. What happens is that taking it in excess can lead to dehydration, which causes the proliferation of bacteria in the mouth. As we mentioned before, those bacteria are responsible for bad breath. To avoid this, do not overdo the amount of coffee you consume and drink a glass of water afterwards.

5 Pastrami
Because the pastrami is prepared in brine and carries spices such as garlic, paprika and black pepper, it can leave a little unpleasant breath after consuming it.However, a double wash of teeth is enough to get rid of it.

6 Pineapple juice
Although its taste is sweet, it is actually a very acid liquid that favors the growth of bacteria in the mouth. As we know, this gives rise to unpleasant breath.

7 Alcoholic beverages
Not all the alcohol we eat is metabolized by the liver. The surplus passes into our bloodstream and permeates the mucous membranes. The body removes it by means of sweat, urine, saliva and breath. This causes the mouth to have an unpleasant smell. 


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