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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Hair loss: a lot of hair on the floor or clothes can be a sign of danger

Despite being much more common among men, abnormal hair loss also affects women and the causes can be varied, from genetic factors, hormonal, emotional, environmental issues, habits and nutrition.

Daily, it is common to lose up to 100 hairs, but if you notice on the pillow, in the clothes and in the shower more hair than normal, it is a warning signal. The consultation with a specialist and the performance of exams are essential to discover the reasons and treatments indicated for each case. Also, learn more about the subject below.

Causes of hair loss

Hormonal changes are one of the main reasons for excessive hair loss.During menopause, for example, the decrease in the production of estrogen, a hormone very important for the growth and strengthening of hair, can cause the weakening and the fall in women over 40 years.

Women who have just given birth can also notice an accentuated hair fall.After childbirth, hair suddenly enters the telogen phase and falls frequently. The problem usually occurs 60 days after the birth and lasts up to six months later.

Very restrictive diets or abrupt reduction in protein consumption are capable of causing hair loss. If you abandoned or decreased the consumption of meats, you must replenish the nutrient through options such as eggs, mushrooms, soybeans and vegetables, for example. You should also eat more vitamin B, which is found in fish, starchy vegetables and non-citrus fruits.

The emotional factors also deserve attention, since stress and anxiety, despite not causing hair loss directly, worsen and aggravate the existing condition.

Excess aesthetic procedures or that are performed in the wrong way can also damage and weaken the hair. When deciding to dye and make smoothed, it is essential that the hair receives the primordial care to strengthen them and prevent their fall. 

How to know if you are losing a lot of hair?

It is possible to perform simple tests at home to check if hair loss is excessive. Hold a strand of hair and pull, if more than 15 hairs fall at once, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist.

Another simple technique is to hold a lock of hair from the top of the head with one hand and another lock near the nape of the neck with the other.Feel the volume and compare, if the top is much rarer than the back, you can also point out some problem.

Pay attention also if you started to feel itching, more oiliness and desquamation of the scalp, as they can be warning signs.

Hair loss during the bath

Experts point out that hair loss during bathing is a natural thing, but some simple measures help to avoid the problem: 
  • Try to untangle the hair always before bathing, and not during.Thus, fewer hairs will be released from your head.
  • Avoid hot and too long baths that damage the hair and remove the protective layer of the skin. It is best to opt for warm or cold water.
  • There are shampoos that help in the treatment, but they are not able to reverse the fall frame. However, betting on anti-hair loss products can help keep the scalp clean and healthy, minimizing the chances of weakness.
  • Massage the scalp during bathing. The habit stimulates growth and leaves the roots stronger.


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